Good Food / Safe Shelter / Welcome Friends


A comprehensive Senior Home Living Package designed for a senior vegan creative who wants everything included in a way that will increase their quality of life.


* Increase your quality of life by spending less time & energy on daily chores and logistics of modern life.
* Devote more time and energy to connecting with friends and family, on your creative projects and what you want in the world!


* Your own personal live-in chef/home organizer
* Meals and/or food for yourself, your family, and friends!
* The freedom to spend more of your time and energy doing what you love to do!
* Healthy, Plant-based Food
* Your own bedroom with large closet
* Den/Guest Bedroom/Office with TV
* Attached porch with Catio
* Bathroom with Shower
* In-home Laundry
* 3 Refrigerators and pantry stocked with healthy fresh food
* All utilities: gas, electricity, sewer, garbage, recycle & compost
* Wi-Fi Internet, streaming services including Netflix, Paramount+, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Apple Music, Apple TV, etc.
* Everyday household supplies i.e. toilet paper, soap, cleaning supplies, etc.
* Monthly general household cleaning
* Smarthouse shopping list w/Alexa
* Access to common areas: kitchen, dining room, living room / home theater, outdoor sitting, gardening boxes
* Free parking in carport
* Free housing & food for guests (up to 10 days)

Optional Safety Net
Enjoy this package for independent living that can easily transition to assisted living and/or hospice, if necessary.
Not Included: Medical care, personal organization, laundry service, and/or assisted care services. Extra storage of personal items/furniture, etc.

Freedom Package Cost
$2,800 per month for this complete package for 1 person (or $3,200 for a couple).

* You must be a Senior 55+ (or senior couple) with financial responsibility with a willingness to take full responsibility for your own mental and physical health.
* A series of interviews are required to see if we are a good fit for sharing a creative home.

Contact Information: Peter M. Skaife (707) 217-1975

Freedom Package designed by Peter Merritt Skaife
Sponsored by Heroic Living Nonprofit – Website: