Journey into New Territory

Information, Tools, and Support provided by Heroic Living Nonprofit

Journey into New Territory

Your Passion for Life!



Take a Deep Dive into Blue Zone Living . . . 

Don’t listen to the marketing promises and deceptions. Instead become inspired by the real human beings who live in Blue Zones around the world!

Let’s Encourage  Creating Blue Zone Living
in Rohnert Park, California and

 in Every Local Neighborhood!


Local grassroots friendship communities in each section of Rohnert Park!!!

  . . . . . gathering together for moving together, eating, friendship, and fun!

Information, Tools, and Support

. . . finding the courage to journey into new territory!

DEFINITION: “Heroic Living” is developing the courage to journey into new territory, and face your challenges in ways that benefit everybody!”

Natural Living

Finding a pathway to natural relationships, natural friendships, and natural ways of enjoying your life!

Natural Healing

Finding a pathway to discovering how to take full responsibility for your own physical and mental health.

Natural Expertise

Finding your personal passion, your hidden talents and natural abilities, and how to enjoy making a difference in the world! 

NEW TERRITORY: “When people journey, with success, to a place that they have envisioned, they often say that “their journey was simple” but that it took a lot of “dedicated hard work!”

Peter M Skaife, Heroic Living Nonprofit


. . . establishing positive healthy routines with friends in your own local community!

BLUE ZONES:  The Recommended Visual Introduction 

In many ways, the secret of life is to find a “balance” between giving and receiving; between our “giving support” to other people, and “receiving support” from other people. 

To put it simply:  “When we give, we are receiving; and when we receive, we are giving.”

Watch Video: “Living to 100: The Secret of Blue Zones” 

INSPIRATION: Find inspiration by looking into the eyes and faces of people in these video recordings:

Watch on Netflix: “Living to 100: The Secrets of Blue Zones” on Netflix to become inspired by looking at the faces of people around the world to inspire you to live your passion, and develop your own healthy daily routines. 

(1) NATURAL LIVING for living our life passion!

Finding your passion is a key ingredient in improving your health, developing your career, or enjoying your life!  Heroic Living Nonprofit have been helping individuals of all ages and backgrounds find and live their passion for many years.

(2) NATURAL MOVING with our life passion!

Your daily routines are the key to successfully creating the kind of life that you want. 

(3) NATURAL EATING for our life passion!

Finding the energy to do the things you love to do is supported by your preparing and eating fresh local food with friends in your own kitchen.

What do you eat at the end of the day when you are tired and have no energy?  Do you have a food routine that gives you the energy to life with passion?  Did you know it does not have to be costly to eat healthy food? 

(4) NATURAL FRIENDSHIPS with our life passion!

People around the world from many cultures and backgrounds have been discovering the simple truth:  “when you give, with sincerity, in a meaningful way to others, you receive far more than you give!

The surgeon general has recently documented that isolation is “the major cause” of issues in physical and mental health in the United States.

So what we do with friends can become the most effective path to natural healing in our lives and in the lives of our loved ones!

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